Thursday, December 20, 2007

Home again... finally

After living in a hotel for two full weeks we are back at home. It feels great to be at home, but we have a lot of work ahead of us.

All of our belongings are in boxes and bags. We are basically moving back into our house.

We have no kitchen and won't really have a working kitchen until the end of January when our cabinets are in. We set up a table in our basement with a george forman grill and toaster. We are using a dorm size refrigerator for now. The King tried to lighten the situation a little by claiming this is just like tailgating.

Construction in the kitchen is moving ahead. The doorway to our old pantry is now drywalled shut and they are starting to texture the walls. The tile floor will be installed soon. Our appliances should all be here in the next two weeks, but I am not sure we will be using most of them until the cabinets are in.

DQ seems relieved to be home again. Everything has been a battle with her the last few weeks from refusing to putting on her jacket to not sleeping at night. Last night she went right to bed and slept all night. She seemed to be in a much better mood this morning.

We are trying to get in Christmas spirit, but it is kind of hard with plastic sheets covering your Christmas tree and stockings. Luckily I had most of my shopping finished before the fire, otherwise that would be another big stress added to my list.

I keep telling myself this is only temporary and I will have a fabulous kitchen when it is all finished. Maybe someday I will look back at this and laugh..

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