Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Fashion Dos and Don'ts from the Castle

DO wear monochromatic outfits for a slimming look.

DON'T wear a casual jacket with dressy clothing.

DON'T try to make a statement by wearing common items in a slightly different manner.

DO wear your hair up so it is out of your eyes.

DO wear a dress at all times if you are a princess. Even while exercising.

DO wear tutus if all your dresses are at the cleaners.

But DON'T wear tutus without pants.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Bathroom talk

Today we went to the VIESHA parade. Of course Princess has to go potty after the parade. The only things around are port-a-pottys. I take the Princess in one and she had no interest in using one of those.

So we went inside one of the campus buildings and found a bathroom. Inside was two Iowa State Cheerleaders standing at the mirror. She goes into one of the stalls and starts doing her business.


Yes princess? (I have a feeling nothing good is going to come out of her mouth)

I am going poopies.

Ok Princess.

I apologize to the cheerleaders.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Tonight was the last night of the princess's swimming lessons. She really enjoyed it and told me she wanted to go 5 more times. We will probably sign up for another session this summer.

How to be a lady


Yes princess?

I don't pick my nose because I am a lady. That's what my teacher says.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Last weekend we planted seeds in front of our house. The girls thought it was a lot of fun, especially watering the dirt!

Today I was too broke to buy a pop at work

And this is why:

Almost Perfect

I took a walk yesterday evening after the girls went to bed. It was almost perfect. These are the kind of walks that make you want to exercise everyday. I was wearing my cute exercise outfit I received from the king from Christmas. The weather was beautiful. The stars were bright. I felt strong and walked at a faster pace than usual. I even jogged a few minutes.

The problem? This song was going through my head during my entire walk:

The wonderful thing about Tiggers
Is Tiggers are wonderful things
Their tops are made out of rubber
Their bottoms are made out of springs
They're bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy
Fun, fun, fun, fun, FUN!
But the most wonderful thing about Tiggers
Is I'm the only one

AHHHH!!! it is in my head again.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Whole Wheat Monkey Bread

Here is a recipe we enjoy eating on the weekends. I took a picture of it this morning to add to the blog and it looks like a pile of monkey doo-doo, not a yummy breakfast. Obviously a career as a photo food stylist is not in my future.

Monkey Bread
1 loaf frozen whole wheat bread dough.
1 stick butter
3/4 cup brown sugar
1 tsp cinnamon

Thaw out frozen dough according to package directions. In the morning, melt butter, sugar and cinnamon in a sauce pan. Cook until the brown sugar is dissolved.
Butter a loaf sized pan. Break off pieces (bite sized) of the bread dough and place it in the loaf pan. When you have used half of the dough, pour on half of the caramel sauce and nuts. Add another layer of the remaining dough and sauce. Bake at 350 for 35 minutes.

I gotta wear shades...

Here are the girls showing off their new Sunglasses from the Easter Bunny.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

My morning to sleep in

Saturday is my morning to sleep in. I look forward to it all week. I love the feeling of sleeping until I want to wake up, no alarm clocks.

Wait... that was before we had kids.

Here is the reality of my "sleeping in"

6:45 - DQ wakes up. She has some sort of internal alarm clock that wakes up every day at exactly this time. The King takes 10 minutes to get out of bed to get her. During that 10 minutes everyone in the house can hear her taking to herself and calling out Mama!

6:55 - DQ is let out of her crib. She goes directly into my bedroom. She acts like she wants to lay in bed with us so the King lets her in and we all lay down together. It sounds great, doesn't it? However, anyone who knows DQ realizes she cannot sit or lay still for any amount of time.

7:00 - The Princess awakes. Most likely from all the commotion going on in our room.

7:05 - Somehow DQ locks herself and the princess in the bathroom. I can hear the princess calling out Daddy... Daddy. The King finally lets them out and I shut my bedroom door. DQ sees me doing this and immediately goes to my door and starts banging on it. The princess lets her in - isn't she a good helper? DQ comes in the room and pushes the radio button. The radio station is not tuned in so I just hear loud static with a beat.

7:15 - The king finally gets them for breakfast. Finally, peace and quiet. I start dozing off again.

7:25 - DQ comes back to the room. Turns on the radio again.

7:30 - King tells DQ that Dora is on. She goes to watch TV

7:35 - Just when I start getting comfy - DQ comes back into my room and is screaming QUACK, QUACK, QUACK... I open my eyes and she is standing there with a duck.

I give up at this point and get up. Maybe next weekend I will get to sleep in.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Welcome to my blog

Hi everyone!
I am starting this blog to keep everyone updated with what is going on with our family. I will try to post a few times a week. Check back often for updates and leave comments!

I got the idea for the blog name from my incredibly intelligent princess. At dinner tonight she asked for some more potatoes. I put some more on her plate and she replied to me:
"thank you Your Highness"
Do I raise smart kids or what? Of course the King claims she said "your hind-ass" but he is not the writer of this blog, is he?