Thursday, June 5, 2008


My brother's babies are here! They were born just shy of 34 weeks so they are just little peanuts. They are in NICU right not, but they both seem to be doing good. We hope they can go home in two weeks or less.

Baby M.; 5 lbs 2 oz.; 17 1/2 inches long.

Baby L; 4lbs 5.4oz; 17 inches long

Here is baby L compared to his Daddy's hand.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Play Ball

Pictures from Princess's T-Ball game this evening.

Here she is in the "ready position".

It is always more fun if you can race one of your teammates for the ball. It adds another level of competition.

Little Miss Attitude.
Grand Slam! Notice the helmet is so big she can't even see the ball.

Dance Recital Pictures

The princess had her first dance recital last weekend.

Here she is outside our house before dress rehearsal posing for the King. The purple crocks are a nice touch.

My friend Ali had to help out with the hair since I am not capable of making a bun that will stay in longer than 5 minutes. (yes Ali, I COULD have cut you out of the picture...)

The Makeup. Princess loved this part. She wouldn't let us wash the black eyeliner off her eyes for two days.

Lining up!
Can you see she has a future in dance?

Friends from her preschool class. Grandma and Grandpa gave her flowers for her brilliant performance.

The babies are coming!

Uncle C and his wife are in the hospital now having their twins!