Friday, September 28, 2007

Public Service Announcement

We interrupt our regularly scheduled blog posts for the following public service announcement.

When browsing the Internet and a pop up box asks if you want to download something, DO NOT ANSWER YES!!!! Make sure your spouse is aware of this as well.

This announcement is brought to you by WinAntiVirus Pro.

Our regular scheduled blog posts will return when our PC is back from computer doctor.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Best Friends

Last week the theme in Princess's classroom was "friends". Since she had just started her new school and didn't know the other kids very well, she decided that DQ was her best friend. Friday they made friendship bracelets at school. Princess made hers with all pink beads (of course) except for one purple bead. She told DQ that that bead was for her since purple was DQs favorite color.

I have noticed that the girls really have bonded the last few weeks. At home they are never apart. In fact they have even started sleeping together in the bed. I just wish they could be 'best friends' all the time. One minute they are playing nicely with their dolls and the next minute they are pulling hair and screaming at each other.


Maybe now I understand why DQ does not want to go to school. She is only two years old and already has homework!

This week we made an "All About Me" poster for her classroom. Let me rephrase that... I had to make an All About Katie poster for her class. She was pretty proud of it.

Note to self: Comb DQs hair before taking any pictures in the morning...

Monday, September 10, 2007

DQ's sleeping problems

One of the things I like about the girl's new daycare is that their teachers have email and send updates throughout the day if they are having any problems. Here is an email from DQs teacher on Monday:

Hi. I was wondering about DQ's sleeping habits over the weekend. She had a really tough time staying awake this morning. Was she up in the night or taking nap at a different time?

Dear Toddler teacher -
No, I can't figure out why she would be tired. Friday night I let her stay up as late as she wanted. I like to do this on the weekends to ensure I get a little extra sleeping in time in the morning.

Saturday we had a busy day, but she did get a nap in. We went to story time at the book store in the morning and then we went straight to the football stadium and tailgated for over 6 hours. She made herself a bed in a truck tailgate. I am sure she had a good quality nap while her parents and grandparents were drinking and eating.

Sunday we spent the morning at the park and then she took a nap curled up in chair while watching a movie. Again, I am sure she had a really good nap - even though the movie Cars is pretty loud. We then went to the library, shopping for shoes and then out for dinner to celebrate the King's birthday.

At night DQ has been sleeping in the same bed with Princess the past few weeks. She doesn't like to sleep alone. I have found that this also streamlines the 'going to bed' process for me. I only have to read books once and the girls stay in their room the entire night. I seems to be a win-win situation. I am sure the girls play in bed for a while, but this way I get a good 1 1/2 hours of "mommy time" at night.

I am sorry she has been so tired, but I really don't see anything out of the ordinary for other 2 year olds...
Sincerely,The Royal Highness

Last week in review

Sorry I didn't get anything posted last week - here is a quick review of our exciting lives.

1. We finally got to see our new twin nephews from Pennsylvania. They were so cute that Princess wanted to take one home. Thank god my brother didn't allow it… one child in diapers is enough for this family.

2. Princess and DQ started their new school. They have both had a few rocky days, but I think they will adjust. By Friday, Princess was saying this is the best school ever. I don't think DQ would agree quite yet.

3. Princess also started her new dance class. It is a combination of both tap and ballet. She loves dressing up in her dance clothes and wearing her noisy tap shoes.

4. The glue on DQs scar is falling off and it looks a lot better. She still keeps saying its an "owie" and is very careful with it. I can't tell if she is just trying to get sympathy at this point or if it really does hurt.

5. Saturday we all went to our first tailgate. The girls had a ton of fun eating junk food and playing outside all day. We also went to a story time at the university book store featuring a book about Iowa State. We found out that both girls are still deathly afraid of Cy. DQ would scream and shake in fear if she got within 10 feet of him. Princess was no where to be found during this time. I am pretty sure she was hiding behind some books so Cy wouldn't see her.

Exciting stuff huh?