Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Monday, October 29, 2007

Sibling Love


Yes princess?

Can we give DQ to somebody else?

No, we have to keep her.

I don't like DQ, I want to have a baby!

Babies eventually turn into DQ.

Well, I still don't like her.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pumpkins - 2 ways

The princess way:

and the Drama Queen way:

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Potty Training Success!

DQ had her first accident free day yesterday!

Good job DQ! Mommy is very proud of you.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I'm a fishy!

I took the girls to swimming lessons last night. Princess is in a preschool-aged class and DQ is in a "parent-child" class. Yes I have to get my butt in a swimsuit twice a week for the next 5 weeks. Yea! And the best part? My ex has a son enrolled in the same class as Princess. Twice a week for the next 5 week I get to put on a swimsuit and face my ex. It doesn't get much better than this... And where the hell is the King when all of this is happening? Good question...

Anyway, back to my blog post. DQ was a swimming animal. I have no idea where this came from. She hated the water when we went to the Dells this spring and she hasn't been in a real pool since. We had a wading pool this summer, but all she did was stand outside of it and water the plants with her buckets. At swimming lessons she was kicking and doing the stroke with her arms while yelling out 'I'm a fishy'. She would stand at the side of the pool and jump into the pool (in my arms of course). The kid had no fear whatsoever. She even tried putting her head under water (there was choking involved with this, but she did try). Her teacher thought she had spent the entire summer at the pool. It was a lot of fun for the both of us.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

40 before 40

My friend over at the green3 hosted a carnival at her blog last week - she asked us to list the 40 things we want to accomplish before we turn 40.

I am a little late, but the list is finally finished.

40 before 40

1. Pay off the car (should be completed next month).
2. Continue to make car payments to myself so we can use cash for our next purchase.
3. Pay off HELOC.
4. Pay off the King's school loan.
5. Open a ROTH 401K.
6. Build emergency fund.
7. Remodel the kitchen - I HATE our kitchen. Do this with cash - not home equity.
8. Get Lasik eye surgery.
9. Continue to follow a budget so all the above can become a reality.
10. Lose 40 lbs.
11. Learn to cook healthier.
12. Become more active.
13. Start wearing makeup again (a.k.a. quit being lazy in the morning).
14. Take a family vacation to Disney while the girls are still into princesses.
15. Get a family picture taken.
16. Go to Pennsylvania to visit my brother and his family.
17. Play with my kids more.
18. Start a food blog. (I know, I can barely keep this blog up)
19. Update the header of this blog.
20. Replace my lost wedding ring.
21. Start dating the king again.
22. Simplify my life - get rid of extra stuff around the house.
23. Learn how to sell the extra stuff on ebay.
24. Figure out how to keep my house picked up.
25. Figure out a system that works for us for all the paper that comes in our house.
26. Quit buying stuff I don't really need.
27. Become more organized.
28. Ditch the land line and get a cell phone.
29. Write a will.
30. Read at least 1 personal fiance book a year.
31. Read at least one health or diet book a year.
32. Read at least one fun book a year.
33. Plan meals ahead - do just a few grocery trips a month.
34. Learn to bake bread from scratch (and I am not talking about banana bread).
35. Potty train DQ. If I don't get this done in the next 7 years we will be in trouble.
36. Get involved with something outside my family\work. I need to break out of my comfort zone.
37. Create family memories and traditions.
38. Spend Christmas morning at our own home while the girls still believe in Santa.
39. Be the best parent I can be.
40. Make goals to hit before I am 50.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Potty Training - update

Potty training was postponed. The reason was related to DQ eating about a pound of grapes on Friday evening. I will let you fill in the blanks to figure out what happened on Saturday.

She did wear her big girl underwear about half the day Sunday and did pretty good - only 2 accidents. By the time we were ready to go to the library she was ready to wear her diapers again. Maybe next weekend when she goes to grandma's house I will just pack underwear for DQ and see how she does :) (this is a test to see of grandma actually reads the blog).

Friday, October 5, 2007

Training to take over the throne

I have an exciting weekend planned. I am going to attempt to potty train DQ this weekend. She has been showing the signs of being ready so I am going to give it a try. What is my method? I don't have it figured out yet. Princess was so easy to train once she decided she was ready, I am hoping it will just happen.
She will be wearing underwear, not pull ups. Mostly I am just too cheap to buy pull ups. I don't think they do the child any good anyway. No, I did not take her to the store to buy her own special underwear. She is the second child - she gets hand me downs!

The carpet shampooer is loaded and we are ready to go. I will keep you posted on our progress!

Put it back

I have been working really hard with the girls on picking up after themselves and putting things back when they are finished. I am not sure if that is where this comment came from, but it cracked me up on the way to work.

MOMMA!!! DQ yells from her car seat on the way to school this morning.
BOOGIE! She states as she is holding out her finger.
You have a booger?
YES! (she yells everything...)
Umm... (I look around the van and I don't see any tissues). Give it to your sister (giggling to myself).
Princess takes a look at it and states "put it back in your nose."