Friday, May 16, 2008

Seperated at last!

For the past 1+ year the girls have been sleeping together in the same bed. At first I thought it was a good bonding time for them, but as the months passed, I realized it just gave them fuel to stay up and giggle and\or fight until they passed out from exhaustion.

Last weekend we got them separate twin beds (Happy Mother's Day to me). DQ got a purple comforter and Princess got a Pink one of course. They each picked out princess sheets for their new bed.

Notice how DQ's bed basically blends into the wall - we hope to repaint their room this summer.

So far it has been a success - the girls are going to sleep earlier and they are still excited about having their own beds with princess sheets.

Princess curly locks

Last night:

This morning:

After we took out all of the braids this morning she decided she didn't like the curly hair and wanted the braids back in :( It didn't happen obviously. By the time she got to school she liked her hair again.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tea Time at the Castle

Saturday we had a Mother's Day tea party. I have been trying to come up with some clever wording for this post (like write it in the tune of "I'm a Little Teapot"), but obviously the tea party sucked up all my creativity for the month. are some pictures.

We decorated our hats in true Victorian tea party style.

Here is DQ showing how cute she is (this is a rare picture of her - no snot, crazy hair, or tongue sticking out of her mouth):

The princess had to put a tiera on her at so she could be the princess of the tea party.
Yes I got all dressed up for the occasion....Thank god for the hat - my hair actually looked like a drowned rat from standing outside earlier that morning at the princess's softball game.
Such an elegant group...Grandma A, Grandma B and Auntie K all showed up for the party.

Our table was set with fine china and fresh tulips. The centerpiece was made by the girls earlier in the week. We dipped oreo cookies in white chocolates and decorated them to look like flowers (with gumdrops). They were not very tasty - gumdrops and oreos is not a good combination, but the girls were pretty proud of them.

DQ could hardly wait to eat. She really got into the tea party.

Our menu consisted of cucumber sandwiches, PB and Js shaped like crowns, Caesar salad, and flower shaped fruit cups for dessert. We had princess punch and tea for drinks. Notice the princess can't get enough of the princess punch. The bubbles from the punch caused some unscheduled entertainment at the tea party...maybe next time we will do the manners lesson BEFORE the party instead of during it.

Is this the princess or the joker? Maybe coating the rim of their glasses with pink sugar was not such a great idea....

We all had a great time. I hope to do it again next year for Mother's day!

A cup of tea to say thank you

For all the things you've done.

And wishes that the day will bring

You happiness and fun.


Love the girls in the castle.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

We don't need fancy things

"Wow!" the princess exclaimed as she saw one of her friend's van magically open the door by itself. "Did you see that?"
I kind of giggled to myself and said "Yes, we don't have a fancy van like that, do we?"
"We don't need a fancy van mommy, we can open the door ourselves, can't we?"
"Yes that is true, we don't need a fancy van"
"Besides, our van is White Lightning"

I admit, I was totally shocked when she said that we don't need a fancy van. We live in a world full of consumerism and trying to beat the Jones'. Even though the princess loves her fancy dress up clothes and everything in her world is pink and sparkly, she still has her head on straight. I must be doing something right.

Hopefully in 5-10 years I can still write this same post.