Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Did that get your attention? Well it should have.

We had a small fire on our stove last night. Somebody (I won't name any names since it was an accident, but I just want to make clear it was not me) turned on the wrong burner on the stove when making his hot chocolate last night. The burner that was turned on happened to have a nylon\plastic lunch bag sitting on it. We were both downstairs when the fire started so we didn't get to it right away. By the time we got upstairs all the fire alarms were going off and the house was basically filled with smoke.

The girls were in bed and were obviously freaked out by the alarms.

I ran to stop the alarms and calm the kids while the King went to put out the flames. He got it out pretty quick and we opened the house up. The smoke hadn't reached the bedrooms yet so I closed them off and put blankets under the door just in case.

It could have been much worse - the only "fire" damage we can see is on the stove and a little bit on our kitchen floor. I am sure the stove still works fine - it was just some paint that was burned. However, our house now smells like smoke and we have a black residue on everything in our kitchen, living and dining rooms. The insurance company is sending a professional cleaner this afternoon to get looked at.

I will let you know how things come out.


green3 said...

Just keep telling yourself that you are actually LUCKY. This could have been so much worse. Look at this as an adventure. I know - easier said than done. Let me know if you need anything, seriously. I'll help out with whatever you need.

An Iowa Mom said...

HI ... I came from Green3. I am so sorry to hear of the fire and am glad that no one was hurt.

Like Green3, try to look at this as an adventure ... and hopefully you'll be back in the house by Christmas.

Sending happy thoughts your way.

*An Iowa Mom*

Chilihead said...

Oh my word. How awful. Just think, though: someone is cleaning your house and while you stay in the hotel, someone is cleaning that too.

Seriously, I hope you and your family are back to normal very soon.

The Fritz Facts said...

That is the worst smell ever! We had a large plastic spoon fall in our dishwasher and hit the heating about stink. Everytime we used the dishwasher after that it stunk up the house.
At least it didn't hit the bedrooms, that is the hardest to handle.
Glad no one was hurt!!

The Kept Woman said...

I'm here via Green3 too...

I can't say anymore than what has already been said in comments...while it's inconvenient and crappy that it even happened it's a blessing that everyone is safe and sound.