Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bad luck? Or just cursed?

They say bad things happen in threes. I disagree...

1. The fire.

2. Friday, someone pulled out in front of the King on his way to work. He swerved to miss the car, but ended up sliding on the slick roads and getting hung up on a rock. He had to call a tow truck to get out. There is minor damage to the car.

3. Tuesday morning I got in my car and noticed there is now a crack going across my entire windshield. The king was the last one to touch my vehicle before this. He claims nothing happened to it when he drove it. All I know is that is wasn't there the day before.

4. They took out the wall behind our old stove to expand our kitchen into that first bedroom that we were using as storage. It sounded like a great idea, however AFTER the wall had been removed it was realized that the window in that room was too low and there was no way to put a kitchen counter or sink under that window. Now we are looking at getting a new window. I don't recommend doing a remodeling project while in crisis mode... bad decisions get made.

5. The king dropped his new cell phone into the toilet. Not only did it get wet, but it fell apart into several pieces. He is now using his old phone that doesn't keep a charge.

So what's next?

On another note, the Princess wants to be involved in the Kitchen remodeling project. She has a vision on what our kitchen should look like - Pink and Purple floor, Orange Stove, Blue cabinets on top, Green cabinets on bottom, Purple ceiling. I guess if things keep going the way they are, maybe we will just purchase a Little Tykes kitchen set instead of a real kitchen and then she will be happy.

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