Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Princess!

The princess turned 4 years old today. Last night before she went to bed she kept saying "I don't want to be 4! I just want to be 3!" I think a part of me agreed with her - I want her to stay little and not be so grown up. However after today's celebration she is already talking about being 5.

Every year, I take the girl's birthday off work and spend the day with just the birthday girl. Today we started off the day by going to the 'bagel store' for a bagel and chocolate milk. After breakfast, we went to story time at the library. We checked out a ton of movies and books to bring home. Then we went to the 'Jelly Bean Store' and picked out her favorite (mostly pink and purple) Jelly Belly jelly beans. We headed to the mall and went to the movie "Meet the Robinson's". Our lunch was jelly beans and popcorn at the theater. After the movie we walked around the mall and spent about 30 minutes in the princess section of Clarie's Boutique trying to figure out what she wanted to buy. It was such a hard decision, but she finally ended up with some Cinderella lip gloss. After all that excitement we went home and painted her fingernails pink. We popped in one of our movies from the library and took a nap. Dinner was at Happy Joe's. Princess about jumped out of her seat when she heard the horn honk when they sang Happy Birthday. Finally after all that excitement Princess was able to open her presents. She was most excited about her new mp3 player. She wore it around her neck and was dancing the evening away to 'Who Let the Dogs Out' and 'I Like to Move It, Move It.'
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2 years old

3 years old

4 years old

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