Wednesday, June 13, 2007

We have lost control of the castle

I am seriously changing the name of my blog to Life in the Loony Bin because that is where I am headed.

We have lost total control of our house. The princess is contesting everything we say and will not do as she is told. Yesterday while the King was mowing the lawn the princess went for a bike ride while I pulled DQ in the wagon. We were three blocks from home when she started going down the slightest of incline and it freaked her out. She bailed off the bike and I helped her walk it to the end of the block where it was flat again. She refused to get back on and yelled at the top of her lungs that she was NOT GOING TO GET ON MY BIKE. I tried bribery. I tried threats. I tried speaking softly and reasoning with her. She just kept getting louder and louder. By now we have several residents watching us from their lawns. I finally decide to take control of the situation and picked her up, put her in the wagon and put on the seat belt to lock her in. She screamed the entire way home. Everyone in the neighborhood was watching me pull a wagon in one hand and carrying a bike in the other. I even got a "I've been there" comment from one of the neighbors.

Then tonight didn't start much better. When I picked Princess up at school she fell to the floor screaming I DON'T WANT TO GO HOME! Again, I try to reason, bribe and threaten her to stop and get in the van. Nothing is working. So I pick her up kicking and screaming and leave daycare. I am sure the teachers now think I beat my kids and I will have a visit from social services later this week. After dinner I told Princess that if she cleaned her room we could paint fingernails and toenails. Her favorite thing! She went into her room, but instead of cleaning she started dinking around. I gave her a few pointers on where to start. She did that and then asked what she should do next. I gave her a few more ideas, but by now the fingernail painting reward was just not worth it. So I told her if the toys were not picked up by the time I got back everything on the floor would go to the garbage. She assumed my threats were empty as usual and continued to play. 15 minutes later I went into her room with a garbage bag. She didn't even seem to notice. In fact she left the room to play with DQ. I put the stuffed garbage bags in the kitchen and she finally caught on and started crying. I carried the bags down to the garage and left them. Inside the bags are a few of her prized possessions (Fairy Barbie and Ariel). Will she get them back? Only time will tell.

And DQ? Not much has changed - she has always been on the naughty side. It was just a lot easier to keep sane when I had one princess.

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