Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Kitchen Tip Tuesday

Pack your lunch as you clean the table.

The King and I both bring a lunch to work every day. 90% of the time our lunches consist of leftovers. I used to just dish out my lunch in the morning, but now I am finding I don't have time to do this with the normal morning chaos. On top of that the king refuses to dish out his own lunch in the morning. Apparently it is more important to him to watch 30 minutes of golf tv at 6 a.m. than it is to pack a lunch. I used to have the attitude that if he didn't want to make the effort to pack his own lunch then he can starve. However this theory went out the window when I ended up throwing leftovers in the trash because they were never eaten.

Now I pack lunches as I clear the table after dinner. Everything is portioned into individual servings. I also portion out any sides or extras like buns, chips and cut up vegetables. Each "meal" is stacked neatly in the fridge (I even include the stuff that doesn't need refrigeration so everything is in one spot) so all we have to do is grab a stack and go.

Another lunch tip: When making a big batch of soup\chili, freeze the leftovers in individual servings. They will last in the freezer for a long time and are perfect for the days there are no other leftovers in the fridge.

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byrumnews said...

We are trying to cook in smaller portions, we used to have enought leftovers for quite a few meals. Now we tend to have just enough for one or both of us to take for lunch the next day.

Martie said...

Great time saving tip! I love using leftovers for lunch!


Jasmine's Journey said...

I just recently started doing this this last week. I went out and bought all kinds of containers, cooked up a bunch of food for quick meals, lunches and froze them.

The other nite after dinner we had spaghetti leftovers. I grabbed 4 small containers and portioned out the rest of the noodles and sauce and labeled it and in the freezer it went. I was very happy. :)