Monday, November 5, 2007

The reason for my madness...

I have been called a tightwad, cheapskate, cheap-ass, mooch and any other adjective you could possibly think of. Guess what? It doesn't bother me a bit!

And this is why:
1. Our car loan is now paid off. Granted, I only got it paid off a year early, but that is still 1 less year interest I am going to have to pay.
2. Our gas bill has been lowered from $92 to $59. On top of that, I have a nearly $200 credit on my gas bill so I do not have to pay Alliant again until February 2008. This dramatic decrease does concern me a bit, so I think I will save a little extra just in case I get stuck with big gas bill next year.
3. Our electric and water bill has been lowered from $130 to $115. I am still wondering why this is so dang high. We have insulated our house, installed CFL light bulbs, use an energy star washing machine... Maybe next year I can get it down to under $100 - all we need to do is take less showers and baths, sit in the dark and not use the AC during the summer. Who wants to come over to my house? It will be lots of fun!

The three changes above have added $558 to my monthly budget that I did not have 1 month ago. Unfortunately I can't just use this money willy-nilly because I have other goals for this money, but it is still very cool to finally see results


green3 said...

And people, she's talking VERY COOL to see results. Like 56 degrees in her house, kind of cool.

That's awesome. I'm not that dedicated. I have to at least be comfortable!

hriesselman said...

That is fantastic!!!! Now if you could get those two little moochers to get jobs and pay some rent that would save you even more!