Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Next stop... the LPGA

Last weekend was the King's family golf tournament. This is a semi-professional event that involves the some of the best golfers around the state....ok, maybe not the best golfers, but definitely some of the best drinkers in the state.

The tournament is a 4 person best shot and every one is mixed up - you do not golf with your spouse. I had a fantastic team this year and we won the tournament. I am sure those of you who have actually golfed with me in the past are now reading this with your jaw open. Rest assured, I have not improved - it was the other three players on my team that actually won it...On the second hole I topped the ball and it stopped about 15 feet in front of me. Of course this hole was for "Shortest Drive - Woman". I had to sign my name to the paper and steak my position. I figured the King would be so proud of me. I was in the running for this prize for most of the day, but someone finally beat me out in the last few holes. After about 10 more holes and 5 cans of beer I finally warmed up. I whipped out my driver and hit the most beautiful shot that has ever been hit with these clubs. This hole just happened to be the prize for "Longest Drive - Woman". I am not sure where exactly this shot came from... the golfing gods must have been helping me out.

What is more exciting, is that two people hit a hole in one at this tournament. This hole just happened to be sponsored by a local car dealer and these two people won a new car! How exciting is that?

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