Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The first golf lesson

Princess is starting to follow in her daddy's footsteps. Today the junior golf clubs I ordered off Ebay were delivered and the King jumped at the chance to take her out on the course. He said she mostly only did putting because she didn't know what to do anywhere else. It looks to me like she is a natural.

When she becomes a pro at age 18 she is going to love this picture of her in front of her daddy's Jack Daniels golf cart with the beer flag.

When I got home from work she ran to the door to tell me what she got today. She was so excited and had to show me her new golf clubs right away. She calls the head covers 'Cozy Covers'. We had to look at each club and where she kept the golf balls. She was so proud. We hope she will keep this excitement about the game. This could be our meal ticket for a early retirement a game she can play for the rest of her life.

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