Thursday, May 3, 2007

CSI: The Castle

There has been a crime spree in the castle the past 24 hours. Our investigators have been hot on the case.

Yesterday evening the King's wallet was taken out of our bedroom after the girls were sweetly sleeping in beds. The intruder removed nearly everything from the wallet including credit cards, pictures, punch cards and his drivers license and left the empty wallet in the middle of our hallway. The intruder must have felt sorry for the King and left his $4 in cash. Later we found the the contents of his wallet in the princess's bed. We believe the looter was trying to frame the princess since there was no way she could have have done this since she was asleep at the time of the crime.

Today when the King was home with our little angels alone, vandals came into the house and smeared the King's lotion all over the princess's bedroom. Evidence of the vandelism was everywhere.

The King was beginning to worry that he was the target of all this crime activity. However this evening, shortly after I had cleaned our kitchen floor, a graffiti artist decided that our white floor needed some color.

Our officials have one suspect in custody and are currently questioning a possible accomplice. No motives are known at this time.


green3 said...

OK, I rarely laugh out loud at blog posts but this one got me. That girl with the wild hair sure looks suspicious!

Revka said...

We must live in the same house! We've gone through this exact scenario a couple of times. :>) I find your blog very entertaining, and I'm glad you stopped by The Porch Light and left your comment. I'll be back often, I am sure.