Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Warm weather = Skinned knees

It has finally started to feel like spring this week so the girls and I decided to take our first trip to the park. DQ got a new trike for Easter and has been dying to ride it somewhere else besides our driveway. We found the bike helmets and took off for the park - DQ on her shiny new trike and Princess on her bike. The ride to the park went pretty smooth. The park is at the top of a hill so I had push DQ up it a bit so she could reach the top.

When it was time to leave the girls strapped on their helmets and hopped on their bikes. Princess did a pretty good job controlling her bike down the hill, but DQ wiped out. She has an ailment where when she turns her head, she turns the bike also. Since she was already going at a rapid pace, making a sharp turn just wiped her out.

I ended up carrying her bike and a crying DQ down to the bottom of the hill. I then told her that I was not able to carry both her and her bike back home (thinking she would walk), but she got right back on her bike and rode the rest of the way home. There were several "my knee hurts" whines during the trip, but I was very proud of her for getting right back on.

Of course once we got home the real drama started. I had to carry her around the house because she couldn't walk with a skinned knee. I thought an Elmo band-aid would do the trick, but the whining continued... for 2 straight days.

She is finally better now and the skinned knee is just a red spot. I am sure this will not be the last owie of the season.

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